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  • Mukulmehra


    Hey, Folks, I’m a UX/UI designer foucused on making HCD and UCD

  • Jordan Lamborn

    Jordan Lamborn

    Product Manager @ Slice. Curious. Learning, read/, write on product management. ex-Expedia. Product School. PSPO I. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanlamborn/

  • Jennifer Wjertzoch

    Jennifer Wjertzoch

    Frontend Developer in love with CSS and JavaScript | Accessibility and Web Performance are not features

  • Elizabeth Reznik

    Elizabeth Reznik

    Programming , Coding , Development and technology in general Addicted Reader | Continuous Searcher for new knowledge

  • Hazel Clementine

    Hazel Clementine

    I found tons of books in Argentina!

  • Aruna Chandroo

    Aruna Chandroo

  • Jaqueline Araújo

    Jaqueline Araújo

    Aqui vou falar sobre Design, Livros, Estudos e achados..

  • Nuha Khaled

    Nuha Khaled

    Software Engineer Freelancer | Mother of Two | Muslim. I am here as a reader first. Interested in software, parenting, and homeschooling.

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